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We sometimes have news that we want to share with current and potential clients, and it doesn't have a place in our portfolio. We post that information here, and we hope that you find it informing and interesting.

The Craig Residence in Steamboat Springs, CO

Welcome to inspirationThe inspiration for this mountain retreat came from the vast and panoramic views of the Yampa River Valley afforded from the site. Each room in the house maintains its own distinctive quality based upon the view around which it is oriented. The dramatic great room enjoys distant views to Lake Catamount and the Flattop Mountains. Cathedral ceilings further enhance the spirit of the expansive nature of the site.

It was the owner’s wish to create an open, social setting for both entertaining and family activity. Cooking, dining and recreation spaces are all located in an open setting at the center of the house.

The master bedroom suite and guest suite are on the upper level. Additional bedrooms, the mudroom and a more private entertainment space are located on the lower level.

A Place In The Clouds

A breath-taking viewJennifer Post has a reluctant confession to make: She can be a little ambivalent when, at the very end of one of her projects, the furniture arrives—and takes up all that beautiful, tranquil, elegant space.

It’s not that the New York-based designer doesn’t like furniture. She does—really, she insists. It’s just that Post loves nothing more than “pure space,” her term for the serene, clean-lined volumes that she painstakingly creates for her clients. They’re beautiful when furnished, of course; but, walking into one of her completed yet unfurnished rooms, one can’t help but sympathize with her mild regret. An empty Jennifer Post-designed space is simultaneously dramatic and soothing, like ocean waves lapping at a rocky beach. Its surfaces seem to vibrate at a low frequency, one that makes you want to stand still for just a little while and take it all in.

For her part, Post always comes back to certain words when describing what’s most important to her about an interior: “pure,” “soulful,” “ethereal.” Hers is an aesthetic that clearly prizes the room every bit as much as what goes inside it. It’s also one that has attracted a long roster of famous clients, from business titans to celebrities, some of whom have impossibly busy daily lives and respond to the unique feeling of airiness and peacefulness elicited by her designs.

Not long ago, one such prospective client called Post and asked to meet her. She didn’t know anything about him. When she went to his office, she learned that he was married, had three teenagers and wanted a place in Miami Beach where he and his family could get away for quick vacations. After asking her a few questions and explaining in great detail the way he wanted to feel when he walked through the door, he shook her hand and asked her how soon they could sign a contract. “That was it. It was a 45-minute interview. I brought a portfolio with all my work in it; he never even wanted to see it. I never had to show him a picture. He had been following my work in magazines.”

The client gave Post carte blanche to do whatever she wanted with the space—the 5,000-square-foot penthouse of a South Beach high-rise with a 180-degree view that takes in the ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway and downtown Miami—with only one demand: that she promise to hew to her signature style of clean lines, cloud-like palettes and uncluttered, light-filled spaces.