Spencer Residence, New York City

Rudolph Architects’ services included the complete renovation and re-planning of this elegant condominium located on the top floor of one of New York City’s most prestigious Park Avenue residences. The layout of the apartment, like many situated in Manhattan’s vintage apartment buildings, was not suitable for contemporary living.  Prevalent at the time of its construction was the segregation of service areas, such as the kitchen, laundry and maid’s quarters, from the main living elements, including entry hallways, living room, bedrooms, den and dining room. As in many contemporary homes, the kitchen is the focal point of the family’s activities.  To direct the flow of traffic between the bedrooms and kitchen and to attain a degree of privacy in the quiet adult spaces, including the study, living room and dining room, we superimposed a dividing wall onto the original plan.  The graceful serpentine form of the wall enlivens the spaces, defines traffic patterns and allows light to filter through to otherwise dark spaces.  In addition to being the aesthetic focal point of the principal spaces and providing much needed storage, the wall delineates those parts of the home that are quiet and those that are active.